Monday, September 16, 2013

First week of Mosaic International Leadership Program

Well I appear to have fallen in love with Mosaic after finishing the 1st week of the program at the University of Greenwich. 

The eventful week, that brought 80 young delegates from 16 countries together, was kicked off on 9 September with the welcoming remarks by Jonathan Freeman, Mosaic International Director, “I’m delighted and excited to see all the young participants across the globe, gathered together for 2 weeks to share their ideas and experiences with one another which makes this program so powerful.”
Jonathan Freeman

Deema Bibi, CEO of INJAZ, a leading Jordanian youth organization was the first speaker who stimulated the audiences by saying, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Emphasizing on teamwork she said, ”To go fast, go alone, but to go far go together.”
Deema Bibi
Baroness Warsi, a lawyer, a businesswoman, a campaigner and a cabinet minister but best known for being the first Muslim to serve in a British cabinet, is a daughter of a former mill-worker and bus driver. Her story of personal leadership journey moved all the participants. Mother of five children, Warsi set an example of work-life balance. “Leadership is about creating leader,” she said.
Baroness Warsi
 Later that day, participants experienced how individuals could contribute to a team when they painted small pieces of paper, which ended up with beautiful MOSAIC. Thanks to the School of Traditional Arts who made us painters for at least an hour. 
Being attached with media for so many years, I was so excited when I saw the name of Aaqil Ahmed, Commissioning Editor, BBC on the list of speakers. Second day started with the session on “Bringing Communities Together,” where Aaqil said, “News is not a friend, news is a business.” The session was also addressed by Peter Sanders photographer and Bushra Nasir, the first Muslim woman to become a head teacher of a state school.
Aaqil Ahmed
“Bringing Communities Together” was followed by “Empowering Young People” facilitated by John May, Secretary General, Duke of Edinburg’s International Award. His charismatic delivery was not only very entertaining but also gave a clear direction about leadership. “Believe in yourself and others will believe in you too,” John said about the quality of a leader. 
John May
11 September in the morning Stephen Howard, Chief Executive of Business in the Community stressed the importance of entrepreneurship. He shared how he was inspired by the conversation with Mother Teresa, who he bumped into accidentally. “No matter who you are, matter is what you have done for your country,” Mother Teresa talking with Sephen. Khawar Mann, Chairman of Mosaic and Dr Alan Knight, Environmental Sustainability Director, Business in the Community, also talked about personal leadership and sustainability respectively.
Stephen Howard

Khawar Mann

Dr Alan Knight
The day ended with a glorious moment when we all got the chance to meet HRH the Prince of Wales and HRH Princess Badiya bint El Hassan, founder Chairman of Mosaic, at Prince’s London residence, Clarence House.  Thanks to Mosaic for this opportunity and hats off to the Price for hosting the event.  News published on Bangla Barta, one of the popular online newspapers in Bangladesh. 

The following two days were about visiting fields and seeing some projects on the ground.

But the week was not about only speeches and lectures, it was also a fantastic week of hanging out with a culturally diverse population, eating out and laughing together.


Friday, September 6, 2013

Bangladesh team gearing up for The Mosaic International Leadership Programme 2013

Consecutive field visits were not allowing to update my blog prior to the Mosaic Summit.

However on 2 September, 7 Bangladeshi delegates got together to spend an evening at “Cuppa Coffe Club” for the first time before getting on-board. Thanks to Nazmul Haque, one of the group leaders of the summit, for getting us all together from different parts of the city.

The tea meeting not only gave us the chance to say hello to everyone but also to know each other in details and it was really fun specially when the hidden talents of everyone were coming out. Reema Islam, one of the delegates, loves cooking and she promised us to cook her special recipe for us. :-)

We can sit back and relax as we are lucky to have Md. Shajedur Rahman Shawon, who is a doctor in our group. Nusrat Khan Majlish, another delegate, will make sure no one is sleeping on the flight, as she will keep  talking and talking! :). Mehnaz Morshed Disha with her Tomboyish look will teach us how to play soccer well. 

We have also an Assistant Editor with us, who will make sure our team is featured on his daily New Age. Yes Saad Hammadi is taking that responsibility. That's not the end! Who doesn't know the Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus? And what a privilege for us to have some one named Robayt Khondoker, who is closely working with Muhammad Yunus.

My countdown clock says, only few more hours left for the flight and my bag is still not ready and all the gadgets, I will carry, are running out of batteries!! 
So I'm signing out till I write my next post when I meet all the delegates in the UK. 


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And the countdown begins!!!

With little less than 2 weeks left for meeting around 80 delegates around the globe in a 2-week long “MosaicInternational Leadership Programme,” I can’t wait to pack my bag and catch the UK bound flight, with a hope to be well equipped with leadership skills after the summit.

But till then I’m just counting the days!